For many years, it has rewarded quality and technique. Here follows a short summary of the history of the most respected trophy in the world of printing.

Beginnings of the Cadrat d’or

The Cadrat d’Or was created in 1956 by Robert Vallet, the founding president of the CCFI (Compagnie des Chefs de Fabrication de l’Imprimerie). Since 1956 this prize recognises the best designs of the French printing industry. It is independent and held in high esteem as all printeries can take part, irrespective of the company’s size.


Every year the non-profit organisation CCFI, founded in 1952, organises the Cadrat d’Or prize. The CCFI brings together all the professionals of the graphic sector and works alongside numerous professional bodies. As such the CCFI provides its experience and ideas in all matters relating to the printing industry.

How to participate

The Cadrat d’Or is open to all the French printing firms. However, certain years, the prize is attributed in a European framework. To enter is free, and to participate, an entry form complete with 2 or 3 works, must be submitted to the jury. The graphic designs presented to the jury can only be chosen from amongst those already proposed to clients. These works must be production versions and prototypes are not accepted. The jury is composed of the president and the members of the CCFI, former winners of the Cadrat d’Or and leading figures of the graphic arts.

Criteria assessment

The Cadrat d’Or’s jury is required to judge the technical quality of the prints, irrespective of the printing process. The jury examines in detail the reproduction quality, print register, colour consistency, ink density, absence of smudging and son on. In short, the jury pays close attention to the quality of the entire work.

The benefits of the Cadrat d’or

The printing industry acknowledges the award winner as the embodiment of the utmost quality and technical criteria. For customers, it conveys a message of the entire printing industry’s respect. Winning the prize is a team effort, and this trophy is also intended for all those working on the project. More than anything else the Cadrat d’Or sounds a note of excellence to all the providers, subcontractors and customers.

Recent winners

In 2012, the Cadrat d’Or trophy went to the Sia Art et Caractère printing firm. It was the printers of Média Graphic that took home the trophy in 2013, and in 2014, it was attributed to the Escourbiac printing company.
The latest cadrat, the 59th, was awarded to Pierre Gradenigo, managing director of the Stipa printing firm in 2015. He also won the award in 2010, and could confirm that “it is the greatest honour that a printer can receive”.

The next prize

The 60th Cadrat d’Or will be attributed on 19 May this year. You have until 30 April to submit your designs. Send your works and your entry form to: Cabinet BL, 55, rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris, France

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