Once internet users have seen an advertising video, 43% of them have then visited the company’s web site. In the era of Internet and social networks, the video format has become indispensable in making digital contents attractive and viral. Video attracts new customers, generates substantial sales and greater visibility. In a digitalised economy, your communication strategy must incorporate the video format, a lively and more memorable experience.

The following eight arguments proposed here should help you to utilise videos in your marketing strategy

1. Offer a clear and effective communication to your customers

Video establishes a dynamic communication that brings the message directly to your customers in an effective and clear manner. Your company disposes of several audiovisual techniques that intensify the relevance and potential of your marketing: storytelling, infographics or even better, virtual reality.

2. Develop your communication on social networks

The social networks are essential to your marketing strategy irrespective of your activity sector. By posting a video on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, you cultivate your audience and your visibility. This format is a large part of the interactivity of your advertising and favours the consumer engagement. Easy to share, and a source of vitality, it is very much appreciated by internet users.

3. Improve the visibility of your communication

The use of diverse communication supports improves the referencing of your company on Internet. Video is one of the marketing tools that will win you even more visibility.

4. Video proposes an original and distinguishable communication

One advantage of video is to be found in the customer experience that it offers. Thanks to virtual reality and 3D, video permits an unprecedented company advertising that differentiates you from the competition.

5. Initiates communication with a buzz

In placing video in the centre of your marketing strategy, you can benefit from the Internet buzz more easily than other advertising supports. Video is the viral tool par excellence that is shared by “word of mouth” on social networks.

6. Video is a reusable communication tool

Your company’s video can be used many times: during a conference, a fair or any B2B or B2C event, in a newsletter, on your web site and so on. It is a long-term tool.

7. Video is a professional communication tool

Video can fulfil all these promises in terms of visibility, but must be perceived and created in a professional manner. Your company will benefit by the skills of a specialised provider, such as scenario building, direction, montage, animation, voice-over, subtitles etc. All of these assets make for an optimal rendering and maximum effectiveness.

8. Improve your internal communication

Apart from your company’s advertising, video can also be used for your internal communication. This easily accessible and fun media allows you to inform your collaborators, to motivate your staff and to present the annual accounts to your team.

Video helps you gain visibility on Internet. It has 50 times more of a chance to appear on a Google search, the leading search engine, than all other contents. For a relevant and effective communication strategy, videos are the essential support for your company.

2 examples: Corporate film & Products film of Margy Consultants

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