Advertising calendars have long been a marketing tool in the communication campaigns of many companies.


Wall mounted and rigid

Bank calendar

The advertising bank calendar is an ideal model for a personalised wall calendar. You can add your logo, company name or even photos. The rigid appearance of the bank calendar makes it a favourite among companies.

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Practical and strategic

Easel calendar

The form of the easel calendar stands for dynamism and excellence. The pyramid shape of the desk calendar is associated with quality.
This calendar, placed on the desk, becomes a showcase for your company.

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An effective message

Calendar 3 months

The 3-month wall calendar is a marketing tool with some special features. This personalised wall calendar allows you to choose a clear message to convey that reinforces your brand image.

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Slim and practical

Calendar on hand

The desk pad calendar blends naturally into the environment of your target group. The personalised desk pad reminds them of your company. The advertising desk pad has the advantage of being practical and space-saving.

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A particular

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