Proposing a personalised annual report, a personalised choice of marketing support for your professional partners.

Your company has closed its financial year by publishing its balance sheet and profit and loss accounts. Now it is a question of preparing your annual report, which will present your company’s financial results, as well as its prospects for future development, the key events of the previous year, and so on. This essential document is, of course, a guarantee of a serious and healthy financial state of your business.

Essential points of the activity report or annual report for both small and large firms

The annual report of a small or large company is a document drawn up at the close of each financial year. Each business leader should prepare this document that will present the business accounts via the balance sheet and the profit and loss account at the very least.
The annual report must be presented to shareholders no later than 15 days after the general shareholders meeting, where the company’s accounts have been validated, and 4 months after the closure of accounts for the elapsed financial year.
In addition to the report being compulsory for all directors of a public limited company, limited liability company, or a partnership, it should clearly and coherently present the past year’s business, economic and financial, as well as development prospects, marketing strategies and the company’s projects for the coming year.

Why should annual reports be personalised by a merchandising manufacturer and producer?

The company head should oversee, without delay, the preparation of the annual report, with an aim to realising a clear and reassuring document targeting current or potential future financial partners.
Since annual reports are an official and compulsory document, likely to be read by diverse economic partners, they can be utilised as a tool to highlight the firm’s good health.
Annual reports therefore play a functional administrative and informative role, as well as diffusing a positive image.
Margy Consultants propose their graphic and printing services to managers of small and large companies in preparing an annual report capable of showcasing their business.
Aware of the importance of the annual report on the firm’s image, Margy Consultants brings its know-how to draft and publish a clear and well presented annual report for small and large firms that will enhance all the important points elaborated in the presentation.
Given the special nature of annual reports, this document can be seen as an advertising support, a marketing tool of choice capable of diffusing your company’s ambitions and key figures well beyond the document’s formal value. This necessitates a meticulous valorisation and presentation by the printer and producer, accustomed to enhancing this type of document.

Every firm’s communication documents require a rigorous and skilful implementation.