Margy Consultants is an advertising agency whose mission is to help you carry out your communication campaigns. We take care of the production of your advertising content for your targets.
To do this, we are able to take care of all stages of your project’s design, from graphic creation to the printing phase.

We are involved in various stages of the communication process, providing advice and expertise. Whether it’s the creation of promotional items, the publishing of reports, the design of catalogue or magazine products, our main motivation is your satisfaction.

DiscoverOur history

Margy Consultants was founded in 1995. The company was initially designed for advertising and content printing.
As soon as it was created, the agency produced its very first advertising edition for the Rouen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

More than 20 years later, it is a renowned company that creates annual activity reports for companies.
In fact, it is the leader in this field.

Our core businessCommunication and manufacturing

Our mission is to support companies in their transformation and evolution. The goal is to continually raise the company’s image to new heights. To achieve this, Margy Consultants works with its clients to develop the strategies to be implemented,
while taking into account the budget, for successful communication.

This includes the development, design, printing and production of your communication materials. Whether it’s for corporate communication or events, we can help you implement your strategy. This can be based on advertising prints, the creation of annual reports or even the production of promotional products. This can be the case for advertising diaries or advertising calendars.

We create your illustrations for any advertising edition, taking into account all the elements of your graphic charter.

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Communicationthrough objects


It is always a good idea to use a calendar manufacturer for your communication. It is a practical tool that your prospects will always have close at hand. A custom-made calendar is sure to please and offers a better chance of a customer’s return.


By using the services of an advertising diary manufacturer, you can benefit from the expertise of an experienced group. You will have an advertising diary to distribute to your customers. As far as your employees are concerned, a company diary is a tool to show them that they belong to the company and that they are proud to use.


When designing corporate annual reports, it is important to establish trusting communication with the company. With our experience in this field, we design the product from layout to print for your corporate annual report. Our know-how has been exported across continents.


Qu’il s’agisse de communication d’entreprise ou de contenus publicitaires, Margy Consultants œuvre en respectant un processus d’édition axé vers la satisfaction client.

Areasof intervention

Creation of institutional and event communication media (annual report, brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.), production of promotional products (advertising diaries, advertising calendars, etc.), creation of illustrations. Graphic design, visual identity, logo. Creation of web sites, commercial and showcase.


Listening and understanding your communication objectives are the primary steps in developing your projects. Available and reactive, Margy Consultants’ services are organised in dedicated working groups to bring together the skills you need. Making your company known, explaining and promoting a product or service in its creation or redesign is what we are looking for.

Thanks to a network of prestigious partners covering all marking techniques (printers, screen printers, designers, etc.) Margy Consultants determines the processes adapted to your projects, including communication advice

Communication advice
Advertising management
Budget review
Graphic chain