The forecast was received without surprise. In 2017, the volume of mobile advertising will overtake that of the PC, according to the ZenithOptimedia agency. A success, which has been achieved to the detriment of other media. For the first time, mobile will become the third global advertising investment platform.

Having become today’s indispensable tool, the mobile has rapidly gained ground in the advertising universe the last few years. A fact that marketers have from this point forth completely incorporated. In 2017, advertisers will spend 87,6 billion euros to maintain a mobile presence, thereby accounting for 2% more than the budget destined for advertising on PC internet pages.

The public appreciates creative and natural mobile advertising

This increase in the budget for mobile advertising comes at the expense of other digital advertising, where a drop of 6% from now until 2018 is expected. Here, advertisers are slavishly following the reality of the figures. In a recent study conducted by Quantast, based on a panel of 3,700 English, German and French consumers, 64% of respondants stated that they were influenced by mobile publicity. A percentage that reached 80% in the 18 – 34 age group. The degree of this success for advertisers would be even more pronounced if their advertisements displayed more creativity!

Video and social networks, the favourite targets of mobile advertising

The object of all their attention, native advertising is the favourite of mobile users since it naturally incorporates brands’ edited content in line with our reading habits. According to the Enders Analisys agency, the budget for native advertising will triple from now until 2020 when it will have grown to 13,6 billion euros.

The other big winners of mobile advertising are social networks, video and programmatic.

Advertisers regard the social networks as a godsend and have rapidly taken to this new and less conventional terrain. Investments for video advertising have seen a constant growth (+34%) and should reach 434 million this year in France. All the mobile advertising innovations take advantage of the impact of programmatic advertising.

Mobile advertising stifled by ad blockers

Having already become an indispensable tool, smartphones enable an even better targeting of consomers. They are a dream support for programmatic which when coupled with geo-localisation optimises click transformation. Programmatic is already employed by 50% of advertisers, and they will be 80% by the end of the year.

An analysis of mobile advertising growth shows that it has not stopped improving and adapting itself to our favourite connected toy. This has occurred at the cost of PC advertising where the budget curve has stabilised as with other media.

However, advertisers should not forget the old saying “too much of a good thing”. More and more mobile users, exasperated by an advertising all too intrusive, install ad blockers to avoid its propagation. From now on, 429 million smartphones will be equipped with this type of application. If this trend worries advertisers, it should at least remind them that it is a good idea not to put all their eggs in one basket. In France where the advertising market will rise to 9,9 billion euros in 2017, traditional vectors have withstood the onslaught. Télévision continues to win market shares and is currently ahead of internet, while paper advertising with a 28% share of the cake continues to write history.

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