French consumer behaviour and expectations concerning businesses

Even if the French have changed their consumer style, shops remain the number one places of sale. In the digital and internet era, everything is progressing very quickly. We live in a world of the immediate; of real time, now and shortly. Faced with this rapidly changing world, different marketing managements in different sectors are on the lookout for the most pertinent sales supports. Today, it is both obvious and necessary to use new technologies in the buying act. To fit in with today’s consumers, supports must be made more spontaneous and more emotional.

Currently, 65% of the French prefer sales points to internet sales, and this trend is increasing every year. The average basket is 208% larger at sales points than on e-commerce sites. Finally, we can also observe that 93% of the French consume more at points of sale thanks to their improvement of the buyer’s journey. Commercial and distribution players have understood that these new digital services give back the power to consumers. Their utilisation of this trend is an attempt to find the best interactive supports, and particularly those that are best adapted to the expectations of today’s consumers.

What are the interactive supports at points of sale?

Interactive concepts are supports that accentuate information and that easily incorporate a large amount of data: Interactive terminals, connected sellers, touchscreen displays, virtual fitting rooms, interactive sales books, 3D images and 360∞ virtual visits.

Today, 81% of the French express an interest in interactive terminals, 79% in connected sellers, 74% in tactile displays and 67% in virtual fitting rooms. Furthermore, interactive supports simplify the buying act and 90% of consumers estimate that supports give them a better orientation at points of sale. These supports are even considered by 83% to save them time. Finally, 69% of these same consumers are of the opinion that interactive supports make a shop more attractive. It is true that these terminals add a recreational or even fun dimension in the eyes of grocery shoppers. However, the shopkeeper has only a few seconds, three at the most, to attract the consumer. The first approach is therefore decisive. If the French are receptive to all the supports at points of sale, it is also because 92% of them search online before making a purchase at a shop. They are already well accustomed to the digital world. Having engrained itself into French habits, the tactile is in full swing and is still easy to use.

Today, interactive displays and software have reinvented the purchase act

After having tried for years to oppose online sales, brands are learning to revalorise their products and their physical networks by using all the interactive supports at their disposal.

The real world and the digital world are undergoing a reconciliation phase for the benefit and the prosperity of customers everywhere!

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