Margy Consultants boasts more than 20 years experience as the leading provider and manufacturer of advertising diaries and advertising calendars. Specialising in the development of printing, and product customisation, the company’s activities are extremely well represented in African markets.

The company has expanded in several areas of expertise, which encompass publishing, printing and marketing, including production of communication support paper for events or businesses.

Margy Consultants is responsible for the complete production chain from conception to the final product, incorporating graphic design, printing, layout and shipment. All production phases are completed according to stipulated deadlines with an optimal quality control.

The company has expanded and diversified itself over the past several years, creating and printing different commercial supports such as annual reports, brochures, magazines, catalogues…

A vast selection of products is available in different formats, styles and with specific contents.

Here is a year by year list of the company’s progress since its creation:

1995 – Margy Consultants is founded, and specialises in the field of advertising production and printing
1995 – Creation of the first advertising edition for the CCI – Rouen’s Chambre of Commerce and Industry
1996 – Creation of the « Guide du Pape Jean-Paul II » – Communication and marketing project
1997 – Development phase of communications consulting agency – advertising production
1998 – Production of a special diary commemorating Israel’s 50th anniversary
1998 – Project planning and development of printed material for the World Cup – marketing and advertising production phase
1999 – Production of a special diary for the State of Qatar
2000 – Production of a special diary for the embassy of the United Arab Emirates – UAE
2001 – Commencement of printing – printing and advertising production phase; diaries, calendars, and publication of an advertising diary for the Senegalese embassy
2002 – Creation of the official diary for the Egyptian embassy in France
2003 – Full printing facilities installed
2004 – Inception of Internet site – printing and advertising production on behalf of businesses, embassies and institutions
2005 – New phase of diaries, calendars, advertising supports (leaflets, brochures, catalogues…)
2005 – 010 – Margy Consultants positions itself as specialist manufacturer of diaries and customised advertising calendars
2010 – Production and printing of diaries, calendars and advertising supports
2011 – Printing specialisation and development
2012 – Diaries, calendars, advertising supports (leaflets, brochures, catalogues…)
2013 – Takeover of 2 African companies: Agenda Afrique and Agenda Amphore 
2015 – Margy Consultants ( celebrates
its 20th anniversary as leading provider of advertising diaries and producer of customised advertising calendars

Margy Consultants is proud to be the leader of the production, supply and printing of customised advertising diaries and calendars.

For the last 20 years, the company has expanded and distinguished itself in the printing industry by its innovation, quality and diversification of products and services.

The company attends to the needs of businesses, embassies and institutions.

The following is a list of printing services on offer:

Advertising diaries
Advertising calendars
Annual reports
Brochures, magazines and catalogues
• Leaflets, inserts
• Books, comics, lookbooks…
• Business cards, flyers, posters, prospectus

Margy Consultants are one of the few companies that provide a customised service to African diplomatic institutions and private businesses. The company is the leading producer and provider of African annual reports. Furthermore, Margy Consultants has realised Ecobank’s annual report.

You can besides consult Margy Consultants movie realized on the occasion of its 20 years.