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Annual reports

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Annual reports


The annual report is arguably the most important document produced by a company or institution. A coherent and well-written annual business report builds investor confidence, supports stock market performance, and serves to maintain stakeholder optimism in the company’s capabilities.

The entire design of the annual report (graphic design, layout, printing, information structure, etc.) must comply with specific rules, which are based on precise skills and impeccable know-how, with a view to presenting the financial data in accordance with the legal framework and according to the company’s specificities and strategy.

The business report template presented is standard and can be customised according to your criteria. It can be adapted to the specificities of your company.

Our team of analysts and graphic designers will work with you to produce your annual reports and guide you in order to :

  • highlight the significant elements and results of your company;
  • provide the steps from one year to the next;
    put the key facts into perspective;
  • present the figures in relation to the highlights and the company’s strategy;
  • guaranteeing a neat rendering, effective communication and value-added.

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