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Flex Notebook

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Flex Notebook

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The Flex notebook

This professional notebook is flexible, elegant and practical, so you can take it with you wherever you go! A very useful gift that adapts to your communication.

The advantages of Margy Imprimeur’s advertising notebooks:

-Compact, practical and easily transportable notebook
-Advertising support for your customers, prospects or employees
-Up to 4 customizable pages
-A removable bookmark
-A wide choice of colours
-A robust binding

A notebook for the 21st century?

Yes, even in the digital age, written notes are still a safe bet. Indeed, several scientific studies have proven that using handwritten notes is more effective than those taken on a phone or computer.
When we take notes on a computer we are used to writing down everything that comes to mind without prioritising and thinking about what is important and what is not. By writing by hand, we have to process the information more before writing it down, which makes us think beforehand and saves us time later on.

The process of ordering a notebook

Step 1: Choose the format of your future notebook.
Step 2: Select the different specifications of your notebook. The colour, the number of personalised pages and the desired quantity.
Step 3: Fill in the order form above.
Step 4: We will contact you to discuss the logo and the pages you wish to personalise

Advertising material thanks to Margy Imprimeur

For over 25 years, Margy Imprimeur has been supporting all its clients in their communication strategy.

Would you like to offer a notebook to your customers, prospects or please your employees? Our teams are available to answer all your requests for the manufacture of various advertising media. Whether it is a notebook, a diary or an advertising calendar.

FSC® accreditation
Concerned about providing its customers with quality products while respecting the planet and biodiversity, Margy Imprimeur has been accredited by the FSC label for several years. This allows us to guarantee the origin of the wood used in the manufacture of our products.

Further information

Vivella leatherette hardcover. Available in Red, Khaki Green, Navy Blue and Orange Brown

Up to 4 customisable pages per booklet on request at the time of your configuration – white matt coated paper 130 g/m2

Certified paper
The paper used in each notebook is made from materials sourced from well-managed and FSC-certified forests.

14 x 22,5 cm – number of pages: 192 –

Silver metal spool – special sponge cover, sewn and embossed business card edge – block and cover with rounded corners

Personalization of the cover
Folio or dry stamp

Label Imprim'Vert®

Imprim’Vert® is a certification and auditing body that guarantees a production flow that manages in a controlled and responsible way the materials that can have a negative impact on the environment.

The collection proposed by MARGY is produced in a certified production unit Imprim’Vert®.

Accréditation FSC®

The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation that promotes responsible forest management.
FSC® has set new standards in the field and is the largest certification body.
The MARGY collection is manufactured in an FSC® accredited production and storage facility.