With a promotional t-shirt or a personalised branded diary, promotional merchandising is becoming one of the most effective methods of achieving your objectives. Discover how to build on this strategy of promotional merchandising in order to strengthen your attractiveness and much more!

Promotional merchandising – an original way to improve your brand image

Whichever method you use, your promotional policy has three main goals:

To strengthen your online reputation and your brand image
To create customer loyalty by strengthening your relationship with them
To gain new leads or customers

More often than not, your strategy will sway toward one of these elements, as it is difficult to achieve these 3 different goals. Nevertheless, they all have their sights set on the same end: to speed up and strengthen your development.
However, promotional merchandising is the perfect way to tackle this triple challenge, while adapting to the expectations of your customers or potential customers.

Personalisation, the strong trend of a successful promotional strategy

Promotional merchandising indeed appears to be less intrusive in the eyes of consumers than traditional advertising or even email marketing. A dimension is added to the message that you wish to send your recipients of the objects personalised under your name, which could be fun, functional, practical or even attractive.

For instance, a personalised advertising diary will always be appreciated, because it provides a practical answer to an existing need. Similarly, a USB stick, branded with your logo and/or your contact details, will become a daily accessory for the person to whom you offer it.

This kind of promotional merchandising combines the need of your business to promote itself with your ability to fulfil a need of your potential clients. Personalised advertising calendars, promotional t-shirts, lighters branded with your name… there are so many promotional merchandising ideas, among which you must choose the most appropriate for your needs.

Promotional merchandising, the container is just as important as the contents

Numerous studies speak to the effectiveness of using these types of promotional strategies through merchandising, but it is even more important that the two main elements are equally matched: the container (the merchandise itself) and the content (your message). With a personalised branded diary or even a personalised branded calendar, you make the choice of a practical object that everyone uses. The container (for example, your calendar) has a functional and practical use for the recipient of this promotion.

As for the content, it must account for your objectives and the nature of your operations. Of course, whether it is on a personalised branded diary or a USB stick, it is essential that you mention at the very least the name of your business, but you should also mention the quickest and most effective way customers can find you.

With a personalised branded diary, you could add even more detail and achieve other objectives. For example, in order to improve the efficiency of your commercial operations, the personalised branded diary or calendar may mark the dates of the company’s main promotional events for the year to come. The details of your various services (trade, after-sales, billing, etc.) could appear in the list of contacts in your personalised diary. Therefore, you must adapt the message to your target market as well as to the object itself.

By taking care to choose your merchandise well and by personalising your promotion, you will improve your image accordingly (those who own the object will remember you), strengthen relationships with your potential customers (such as the suggestions below for a personalised branded diary) but you will also gain new leads (a personalised branded calendar, for instance, will be more effective as it is more eye-catching than a business card).

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