A digital themed day

The fourth edition of the conference cycle organised by Viuz and focusing on digital marketing will be held at the Pavillon Wagram in Paris between 8:30am and 5pm on 10 May 2016.

Viuz, the primary web site on the topic today, proposes this event entitled “Les nouvelles frontières du marketing digital” (“Digital marketing’s new frontiers”), and its two co-founders, Patrick Kervern and Andrès Menajovsky, will be present as keynote speakers. The event will be the occasion to address a number of themes regarding the current challenges of marketing communication.
It will include round tables, numerous keynote and prestigious speakers, who will recount their own experiences and visions of the changes taking place today. Marketing experts, digital leaders, renowned marketing directors (Axa, Coca-Cola France, Google France, Le Bon Coin, Waze among many others), will gather with the public to exchange views about today’s and tomorrow’s significant challenges.

New business challenges

The spectacular rate of technological advancements and the resulting consumption habits (changing customer loyalty and purchase methods) have led to jobs becoming extraordinarily more complex in the fields of marketing and public relations.

The explosion of the multi-channel environment (consumers constantly move from one screen to another, whether it be their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, looking for production information, price comparisons, helpful tips on social media, websites, search engines, etc.) and the staggering growth of Big Data must lead to new cross-channel strategies being developed, whilst maintaining a coherent message over all channels and staying on top of offsetting the risks involved – data silos, etc.

Even the marketing team in a business can no longer be conceived based on the way things were prior to the technological (r)evolution.

Indeed, the need to devise a new communications network must lead to new and innovative strategies and systems, the key to which is hybridisation. For this to work, it will be vital to pool talent from various players within a company, optimise collaboration and form a new outlook on coordination.

Today, if businesses are to survive, they are therefore forced to learn to adapt and to respond to this new challenge.

The agenda for this meeting

This excellent opportunity for innovation must lead to the reinvention of digital marketing boundaries. This will serve as the basis for several discussions throughout the day:

• How do new consumption trends affect marketing?
• How can we dovetail the physical with the digital?
• What are the advanced practices in Mobile Marketing?
• What are the emerging opportunities for brands on Messaging Apps?
• What is in store for social media and the new ways of conceptualising owned, paid and earned media in 2016?
• What will be the impact on organisations and brand content?
• What is the role of strategic marketing in an expanded organisation?
• How can businesses prepare to adapt their digital strategies as of now?

To debate these new issues and what they mean for the future of marketing, meet on 10 May 2016 at 8:30am at 47 Avenue de Wagram, 75017 Paris. You can sign up online via the website lesnouvellesfrontieresbyviuz.

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