September 2016 is going to be very busy in the graphics universe and agendas should be up-dated quickly to accommodate a hectic schedule. No less than four important meetings will be held in Paris.

L’UNIIC opens the proceedings on 23 September with a large general congress centred on the entire graphic sector. This will be followed by the Digital printing forum on 27 and 28 September, and Interquest’s multichannel communication, which will focus on digital book printing. Finally, l’UNFEA will close this month of interprofessional exchanges on 29 September under the banner of “l’excellence dans l’étiquette” (Label excellence).

Viscom – 6 to 9 September

The 28th edition of Viscom kicks off the month of September on the 6th at the Porte de Villepinte. The three day programme features the exhibition of award-winning posters at the Creative Awards by Saxoprint, which will be further enriched by the prescence of Vizshoot by Fotolia. For the second year, an Innovation Gallery will present the major projects exhibited at the fair, and the Icona d’Or 2016 will be awarded by the Synafel (Syndicat national de l’enseigne et de la signalétique). Also scheduled on the three day agenda are two conferences and coaching.

“Voix d’experts, voies d’avenir: vers une reconquête graphique” (Expert voices, future routes: towards a graphic recovery)

On 23 September, the UNIIC (Union nationale des industries de l’impression et de la communication) will organise a large congress at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine in Paris, on the theme of “Voix d’experts, voies d’avenir: vers une reconquête graphique” (Expert voices, future routes: towards a graphic recovery). This event is organised for the benefit of the entire sector and will be animated by the economist and essayist Nicolas Bouzou. He will analyse the printing sector in France seen from the viewpoint of, among others, the Bank of France. This symposium will be the occasion to address the means employed in, and to analyse concurrently, the Asian and North American markets. Nicolas Bouzou’s goal is to find future solutions in conjunction with branch experts and players.

Interquest at Salons Hoche on 27 and 28 September

Held during the last week of the month (27 and 28 September), Interquest will organise two forums at Salons Hoche in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The first one will be dedicated to digital printing and to multichannel communication. The second (28 September) will concentrate on digital book printing. Since their creation in 2010, the first forum outlines the synergy between printed and digital communication, while the second reviews the important trends of the book market, the rise of digital printing and the evolution of the manufacture and supply chain.

30th meeting of UNFEA in the park de la Villette

Finally, on 29 September, the UNFEA (Union nationale des fabricants d’étiquettes adhésives) is organising its 30th “Rencontres placées sous le signe de l’excellence” (Meetings of excellence) in the park de la Vilette in Paris.
This year a round table will be held on the economic situation of the adhesive label branch followed by discussions on digital transformations and a general meeting. At the end of the day, the Qualétiq certificates will be awarded.

During these meetings, the organisers will be proposing three thematic circuits in the marketing and commercial, technical and quality sectors, as well as in administrative human resources. To conclude, Gordon Crichton, director of the MAI (Institut du Management de l’Achat International), lecturer at the École Centrale de Paris and at INSEAD, will talk on the theme of “Capter l’innovation chez les clients” (Capturing innovation with clients”).

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