The different printing choices can be adapted to all business supports that we propose.

Catalogues or “look-book”

Catalogues or “look-books” valorise your business or different themes of your choice. They are an essential communication tool, often displaying several products, and we propose different printing formats – landscape, portrait, square or narrow.


Your bespoke brochure will be printed according to your needs with our offset printing technique enabling us to produce high-pagination brochures. Your brochures will be original, and we guarantee that you will receive a large response from our proposals.


Leaflets are a presentation and communication tool. This product has a significant commercial potential. Our printing options for this support are the same as for our others, giving you a choice of paper, format, embossing, varnish and so on. Leaflets are generally employed as a business support, representing a company and its know-how.


Magazine printing is very important to us and that is why we do all we can to please you. Whether you want a trade magazine, a photographic publication or a communication support, the printing will be accomplished with careful and genuine professionalism.

Why choose a specialist advertising publisher?

Marketing leaflet, poster, magazine, brochure, flyer, lookbook, catalogues; we consider all of these advertising publications. Our agency “Margy Consultants” proposes the creation and printing of these different advertising publications. The meticulous result will of course be realised within the agreed period.

Large corporations generally have their own marketing and/or advertising departments that provide advertising supports and printing. Smaller businesses, with more restricted budgets, do not possess their own marketing services. In this case, it is recommended to refer to an agency that specialises in advertising-related publishing. The Margy Consultants agency is at your service and understands your wishes, which can be realised while still respecting your budget. Margy Consultants will manage your communication project and at the same time give you valuable advice. Margy is an ideal intermediary who can tailor the advertising of your products, as well as proposing a veritable business strategy. If you have certain preferences, then Margy Consultants can help you realise them.

To obtain a successful advertisement, the agency proposes to analyse your company’s defining characteristics and, working together with you, target its needs and wishes. We will handle the entire project from beginning to completed product, that is to say, the conception, graphic creation and added value (logo, visual identity, graphic charter). We will also manage the printing and layout with the latest cutting edge printing material. Finally we complete, print and dispatch the finished products within the agreed time period. You will receive an excellent, and above all, unique product prepared with modern workmanship.

Margy Consultants is a specialist partner with whom you can discuss and to whom you can entrust your different projects.

Margy Consultants also manufactures other promotional products such as diaries or advertising calendars. Please do not hesitate to contact the agency regarding advice or free quotes.

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