Margy Consultants, personalised diary specialist for France and Africa proposes its expertise

May is the ideal time to order a personalised diary to present to your customers. It comes complete with a monthly calendar grid running from September to September, and by ordering now you will be able to distribute the diary at the right moment. However, perhaps you are still not convinced of the effectivity of this advertising technique? You can rely upon Margy Consultants, French and African market leader of manufacturing advertising diaries, to comprehend the importance of these advertising objects in your marketing campaigns!

Why should you choose to order bespoke advertising diaries?

With the advent of programmatic advertising, eye tracking and not forgetting intelligent geolocation, you may well have doubts about the relevance of personalised advertising objects for your customers?

However, what could be more logical than to personalise objects of daily use in your company or business colours. Especially since these objects will then be all the more visible, and can be used an incalculable number of times during the course of a normal working day? It is thanks to this enormous visibility potential that promotional objects are more effective than web marketing; the latter having a tendency to be more erratic. Personalised advertising diaries become an integral part of your customer’s work environment, while programmatic advertising is only momentarily visible on screens.

Furthermore, far from being overtaken by multimedia, the personalised advertising diary, as proposed by Margy Consultants, still has many chapters left to write in the future!

Margy Consultants: expert manufacturer of advertising diaries for the perfect personalisation of your communication supports

To be able to propose a calendar grid for your personalised diaries for the period September to September, it is ideal to place your order in May. This will ensure the necessary manufacturing time to create the perfect personalisation of your diaries.

Margy Consultants, bespoke advertising diary specialist for Africa and France, proposes many different personalisation options. These will enhance your quality advertising diary in a unique manner, thereby giving you the opportunity to present a fine image of your company or business.

You can choose your diary from the large assortment of models proposed, ranging from the practical side to subtle aesthetic beauty. The collection includes such diaries as the practical and economic Premium, or the luxury diary Zambeze, delicate and refined. There are also more original diary formats like the square Jubba or the spiral Sanaga. These diaries are of course available in multiple colours and materials, which can be adapted to the colours of your company or business.

What’s more, Margy Consultants gives you the choice of different diary finishes depending on your preferences and your marketing budget. You also have the possibility of refining the personalisation of your advertising diary: the choice of branding type and colour, a selection which includes many vintage types as well as the option of metal corners or clips to reinforce your diary. There is even a personalised bookmark to facilitate page identification.

Of course, the originality of the personalisation options for your diary has not been forgotten either! Margy Consultants allows you the choice of a bi-material cover, personalised pages, overprinting for your logo and even personalised calendar grids, all according to your wishes.
You don’t have the time to hesitate, your company’s personalised diary is already waiting for you!

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