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Easel calendar

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Easel calendar


Do you want to advertise your company and make yourself known to your customers? Then the easel calendar is for you.

This easel calendar is perfectly suited for a desktop format thanks to its size of 21x11cm or 15x15cm. This way, all your employees and customers will have a visual of your company.

The spirals of the easel calendar allow a comfortable use of the latter as well as a fabulous search dexterity.

This communication tool will allow your company to build customer loyalty. Moreover, our products are customizable thanks to an additional option. Indeed, you can add the school holidays as well as the public holidays on seven double-sided sheets or 12 sheets on 200g coated paper.

This makes it even easier to adapt to your customers. You can also create cohesion within your company thanks to these easel calendars that you can place on each of your employees’ desks. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of time quickly and this calendar is perfect for this problem. It is within easy reach of each of your customers.

In addition, the quality of the easel calendar will act as a showcase for your company to all customers exposed to it. Its pyramid shape will allow the calendar to be held perfectly on the desk.

This easel calendar is the ideal communication tool for your company. You can personalise the calendar by inserting your logo, your identity and photos. Communication is thus assured.

Your communication ally
Thanks to all the possibilities mentioned above, this easel calendar will be one of your assets during your meetings with customers. You have the opportunity to leave your mark on the desk of each of your customers and employees. You can also complement this tool with the rest of our calendar range.

FSC® accreditation
In order to provide its customers with quality products while respecting the planet and biodiversity, Margy Imprimeur has been accredited by the FSC label for several years. This allows us to guarantee the origin of the wood used in the manufacture of our products.

Further information

21x11cm or 15x15cm

Artika back cardboard (21x31cm) 350g creasing


School holidays + public holidays 7 sheets on both sides or 12 sheets on 200g coated paper