Marketing and communication are undergoing constant development in the digital universe. For those people who want to keep themselves up to date with the latest publications in these sectors, here are ten works published by the Dunod publishing company to pore over.

La boîte à outils des réseaux sociaux (“The social networks toolbox”) by Cyril Bladier

With 57 tools and methods at your disposal, you will know the best ways to take advantage of social networks and optimise your company’s communication. Each tool is described in two to four pages with numerous links available by QR code to further your learning on the subjects.

Le marketing de soi (“How to market yourself”) by Stéphanie Moran and Nathalie Van Laethem

Know how to sell yourself. That is the ambition of this work that describes 64 indispensible tools and methods to effectively promote yourself. It also contains textbook cases explained step by step. A good idea in the professional universe where freelancing is rapidly developing.

L’inbound marketing (“Inbound marketing”) by Stéphanie Truphème

As the art of relating your journey or that of your company is primordial, this book perfectly details how to captivate your audience and convert them into customers.The author lists all the interactive possibilities between companies and consumers proposed by digital.

Tous digitalisés : Et si votre futur avait commencé sans vous ? (“Total digital: and if your future has started without you?”) by Manuel Diaz

Digital is absolutely everywhere, we hear it repeated incessantly, even if French companies have difficulty in coming to grips with this. So that you won’t miss out on the digital revolution and its implications, Manuel Diaz conveys its fundamental challenges and invites the reader to reflect upon one’s responsibility regarding this economic necessity.

L’art de la guerre digitale (“The art of the digital war”) by Caroline Faillet

If you don’t know how to face up to the digital era, the author will provide you with the essentials to construct an adapted and well-planned strategy. In the same way as in Sun Tzu’s famous “The art of war”, you will learn how to devise your own digital arsenal.

Luxe et Digital : Stratégies pour une digitalisation singulière du luxe (“Luxury and Digital : Strategies for a singular luxury digitalisation”) by Eric Briones

Digitalisation concerns all sectors, and the author has chosen to write about its application in the luxury domain. The first part is a broad overview to eliminate any complexes about digital. Then in the second part, Eric Briones avails himself of 14 experts who put forth how digital works in each sector.

Marketing de l’art et de la culture (‘Marketing art and culture”) by Dominique Bourgeon-Renault, Stéphane Debenedetti, Anne Gombault and Christine Petr

Art and culture also have a role to play in digital marketing, albeit one that always seems under-employed. To enlighten the sector’s decision-makers, this work by several authors defines the particularities and challenges of digital marketing in art and culture.

Marketing et création publicitaire (“Marketing and creative advertising”) by Virginie Barnier (de), Henri Joannis

A classique, this work comprehensively explains the most advanced corporate marketing and advertising strategies utilised in the creation of spots or advertisements. All the examples are updated and enhanced by the latest techniques.

Communicator (7th Edition) (“Communicator”) by Assaël Adary, Thierry Libaert, Céline Mas, Marie-Hélène Westphalen

Digital marketing’s Bible. To be owned and re-read. This new reworked and illustrated edition presents the authors and indispensable tools. Students and professionals alike can draw on this mine of information to incorporate marketing in their activities.

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